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I don’t know what most teenagers put as the most important in their lives and I know I am still figuring out what mine is. Over time it will most likely change too. So, what do I want to be important, for now? Do I want to put my family first, and always do things for them? Do I want to put my religion first, knowing that it is extremely important to me? Do I want to put my schooling and grades first, stressing over every little thing? Or can I possibly find a way to combine these all, finding the perfect balance?


Do you ever feel that all the teachers collaborate and purposely find ways to make your life hard? I sure as heck feel that way. I feel like every teacher makes their class as the most important. That it should come first and you shouldn’t even have a freaking life, because it’s not like they have one other than to make your life hard. I have so much homework, it is overwhelming! Plus, I have no idea how to answer some questions. I guess the best I can do is to do what I can and to fill out what I know and hope for the best. My physics teacher thinks it’s the best idea (in her world) to give us a 15 page packet, every single day!! Oh, but that’s not all. She gives us quizzes on the packets, but really they could be on anything. I am going to die. So, here’s a little poetry to lighten up the mood . . .


I am going to die.

But don’t you dare cry.

All my life, I’ve lived a lie.

I’ve eaten too much pie.


I guess I have to rely off of Scripture like Jacob 4:7 and Alma 36:3. I know that the Lord is there for me and that nothing will bury me down if I rely on his strength. I know that in my life I can use the Gospel of Jesus Christ in anything that comes my way. Nothing is more important than keeping that in my life. It will all tie together; my family, academics, and my religion.



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