You never knew, But I was in love with you. And you’ll never know. What I was dying to show. I looked into your eyes, And gave up on my many tries. We would dance, and I knew, I never had a chance. I saw you with her, But still was not sure. And thought […]

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I don’t know what most teenagers put as the most important in their lives and I know I am still figuring out what mine is. Over time it will most likely change too. So, what do I want to be important, for now? Do I want to put my family first, and always do things […]

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Not everything is about you. But that’s okay, I get that way too. Maybe I’m just sick of your pain. With some of my own, I can barely contain. You don’t know I’m cold inside. To cover up the pain I hide. I want the cold to replace. To hide these feelings, I can’t misplace. […]

CATEGORIES : Poetry/ AUTHOR : Gracie Beth/ 0 Comment