“When life’s perils thick confound you, put [God’s] arms unfailing round you…God be with you till we meet again.” (Hymn 152) Today, I had the opportunity to run into a group of kids that I knew weren’t going to be the nicest to me. I knew that they probably would be the type of people […]

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The tree that never had to fight For sun and sky and air and light, But stood out in the open plain And always got its share of rain, Never became a forest king But lived and died a scrubby thing. The man who never had to toil To gain and farm his patch of […]

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I think that as people we are all driven by something. There are the people who constantly only see the negative, or those who seem to make everything dramatic. There are also the people, like my dear friend Sammi, that are always beaming and finding something to be happy about. These things drive us, they […]

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This morning, my mom made me an omelet for breakfast! I usually have to make my own breakfast, so this was a real treat. I have early morning seminary and the only reason my mom is up that early, is because of me. Breakfast may seem like such a small thing, but to me it […]

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I don’t know what most teenagers put as the most important in their lives and I know I am still figuring out what mine is. Over time it will most likely change too. So, what do I want to be important, for now? Do I want to put my family first, and always do things […]

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