Our True Centers

I think that as people we are all driven by something. There are the people who constantly only see the negative, or those who seem to make everything dramatic. There are also the people, like my dear friend Sammi, that are always beaming and finding something to be happy about. These things drive us, they give us a feeling of who we want to be and are. Possibly of control. Control of the bad, the dramatic, or even the happy. They give us something to revolve around. A place to center our lives.

I also believe, that we choose what is our center, what we automatically start thinking in any situation. We choose to see the bad in every situation, or the good. We choose to train our minds to think kind thoughts or mean ones. I’m not saying that if you’ve found the right center, that you won’t ever have a bad day. I’m saying that it will make the long run easier. It will bring peace to your life and of those around you.

Yes, maybe right now you feel in control by being mad at everything and everyone. That by doing this you seem to get more of what you want from people. But you see? You’ll lose these dear people by treating them this way. You won’t be in control any longer. Not everyone is perfect. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, or others for that matter. In fact, the only person who I know has mastered this, is our Savior. To become like him and to put him at the center of our lives is what we should aim for.

According to an old proverb,

“If you never learn the language of gratitude, you’ll never be on speaking terms with happiness.” 

Thanks to my uncle who showed that to me.

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