Marching Band Tour

I did many things on marching band tour this weekend that we quite unexpected:

– I did the hokey pokey in the shower with 3 other people. Don’t worry, we had our swimsuits on.

– I’m pretty sure I peed my pants during a competition. That was fun!

– Oh, Laser Tag

– Shared a full sized bed with someone who I sleeps with a pillow on top of their head.

– Passed my own personal marching goal!!! Wooh! Wooh!

– Made new friends with people I didn’t think I would ever become friends with.

– Ate lots of good food.

– Went swimming in the coldest pool I’ve ever been in at 10:00 at night.

– I got an amazing back and calf massage from my wonderful section leader. It tickled like crazy though and was absolutely hilarious.

– I got shin splints for the first time and realize how much they hurt.

– I got sunburned, so my face looks like a tomato.

– Bumpers cars! The place I learned to drive. Lol.

– Walked 0.8 of a mile just to find out the the place was closed.

– I lived through St. George’s bipolar weather.

– Saw some of the most creative Halloween costumes.

– I also saw a little too much of one of the guys in a speedo.

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  1. It sounds like you had lots of fun. I think that’s great.

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