Just a Pretty Face

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I’m just another pretty face.
Another one to be replaced.
It’s only said to be skin deep.
And what’s so good with that to keep?

I’m just another pretty face.
One of many, with lots of taste.
Now it can’t be undone.
Why can’t I just be known as one?

I’m just another pretty face.
Pretty frills and too much lace.
I want to be the one with brains.
Possibly, to change my name.

I’m just another pretty face.
Too much time I can’t retrace.
Never mind the gemstone belts.
I want to be seen as something else.

I’m just another pretty face
But I’m sure I’ll win this race.
And now I, will take a chance.
To not let things be up to chance.

Just another pretty face.
Only I, can change the pace.
When nothing else seems to work.
I can just, ignore the jerks.

I’m not just a pretty face,
My name will always be Grace.
And now I know I won’t compete
To break the standards the world can’t keep.

Even if I’m a pretty face.
I will never be misplaced.
In my heart, I will always know.
Where I belong, and what I’ll  show.

-Gracie Beth

*No matter what your story is, just realize that you are the one who makes you who you are. Not other people. We are all children of a Father in Heaven who loves us and nothing will ever change that. We control who we are and what we will become. If choose not to be in charge of our own lives, then we won’t be in control.

CATEGORIES : Poetry/ AUTHOR : Gracie Beth

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