Girly-Girl Tom Boy

I’m a girly-girl tom boy,
I like dresses and dirt.
I like your big muscles…
When you take off that shirt.

I am up for adventure,
Every minute of the day.
We could still paint our toes,
So what do you say?

I can wear high heals,
And run in them too.
I can walk through muck,
Without any shoes.

I can punch pretty hard.
It’s gone though a wall…
I can be cute & petite.
Because I’m not very tall.

I can dress up pink dolls.
I can play with big guns.
Use pretty nice words,
Or really funny puns.

I can stare you down
Or even sass you up
I can look pretty weak,
Or even pretty tough.

-Gracie Beth

CATEGORIES : Poetry/ AUTHOR : Gracie Beth

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