Just a little about me . . .

I’m finally graduating. Just a month left. Senioritis is killer.

I love dancing in the rain, or in today’s case, running through the hail.

20 Facts About Me
1. I collect porcelain dolls.
2. I hate pens with dark blue ink.
3. I don’t like pineapple.
4. I can’t have my food touching when I       eat.
5. I was born without two of my                  permanent teeth. 
6. I can be polite, but I sometimes               choose not to.
7. I like to wear dresses & pants, not           necessarily together.
8. I play the flute.
9. I’m an alto.
10. I am graduating high school with a           4.0
11. My favorite colors are turquoise,             blue, teal, and green.
12. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.
13. I love pasta!
14. Reading is a hobby.
15. Naps are mandatory for survival.
16. I am a member of the Church of               Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.
17. I am heterosexual. (I know, so last           year)
18. My first language is sarcasm.
19. My favorite animal is an owl, or               wolf, or kitty. I don’t really know.
20. I can stick my legs behind my head.

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